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Suppliers of Wiring harnesses, Cables, & Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

Corporate News:

Partnership information:

J&S partners with national distributor of cables and controls to provide various products.  

 J&S builds computer interface cables for major cash checking network company in Pennsylvania.   

 J&S Products supplies contract labor for several products to a  international manufacturer of sensor products.  

 A  major northeast hospital network partners with J&S to modify nurse call station cables.     

 J&S Products expands production space in a new facility in Stow, Ohio to better serve our present & future customers.

J&S supplies wiring harnesses to a major display fixture manufacturer in Northeast Ohio.

New White Papers published on Selecting a capable & cost effective supplier and ESD program basics

J&S Products new marketing program will donate equipment to your local school for doing business with our company.  Call for details of this program to give back to local schools all across America.

J&S Products can now print a variety of different size vinyl weatherproof lables.  We are capable of doing bar codes, graphic symbols, text & custom designs.  We support most Brady label & ribbon formats.

J&S Products now has the capacity to produce high volume wire cutting & stripping.  Capabilities include wire cutting, full or partial strip, and window stripping.  We can handle 30ga. to 8ga. from inches up to several feet in length.  Let us take the slow task of prepping wires off your shoulders.



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All products are 100% inspected before shipment.


Doing business with us can help your local schools.  Ask us about our school donation program.



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